- Next Generation Networks (NGNs)

next generation networks (ngns)


  1. Description

This training  program to provide participants with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of Next Generation Networks (NGNs).

The Training Program will cover topics such as NGN architecture, NGN Standardizations and Multimedia over IP network.

  1. Objectives
  • Provide an overview of NGNs and the differences from legacy networks.
  • Describe the architecture of NGNs and their main components.
  • Provide an understanding of NGN Standardizations.
  • Explore NGN multimedia applications.
  1. Target Audience
  • Telecommunications managers and personnel responsible for network design, implementation or operations
  • Managers looking to complement their skill-set by gaining a good understanding of Next Generation Networks
  1. Prerequisite
  • A general knowledge of basic telecommunication.
  1. Contents

Chapter 1: Convergence networks

1.1 Historical background to present networks

1.2 Present State

1.3 Evolution and convergence

1.4 The next generation network concept                                     

Chapter 2: NGN function architecture

2.1 The ITUT NGN functional architecture

2.2 The proposed NGN functional architecture

Chapter 3: NGN Standardizations

3.1 ITU-T and GSI-NGN


3.3 ATIS and NGN

Chapter 4: Multimedia over IP network

4.1 Development of packet multimedia standards

4.2 Requirements on a managed voice networks

4.3 General concepts of multimedia communications

4.4 The H.323 suite of multimedia communications

4.5 Multimedia communications based on sip

4.6 ITU-T evolutionary protocols: BICC



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